This post is the first in a series on the Ottawa Paw Pantry’s generous partners and donors. We couldn’t serve the community and families we do, keeping beloved companion animals in their forever homes when times are tough, without these individuals and organizations that are committed to caring. Purrdy Paws Mobile Grooming and Pet Spa is one such organization.

Make it Mobile

12932873_513218558886443_5043716700805769424_nJayme Montero knows how important good grooming is for companion animals. She also knows how important the human-animal bond can be for someone who can’t, for one reason or another, take their pet out to the groomer on a regular basis. Some of our elder and mobility impaired community members are physically unable to take their pets to a groomer. There are also companion animals who have physical or psychological challenges that mean they don’t travel well.

When she put those ideas together with her passion for cat grooming, she came up with the idea to take the groomer to the pet. That’s when Purrdy Paws Mobile Grooming was born.

Purrdy Paws Mobile Grooming and Pet Spa

Jayme started with one van, her considerable expertise as a Certified Feline Master Groomer, and a willingness to put the welfare of companion animals and their families at the top of her priority list.

That’s why all of the Purrdy Paws groomers use specific handling techniques instead of sedating drugs with all their “clients.” The Purrdy Paws philosophy is that drugs should only be used as last resort for grooming; sedating drugs affect the health of an animal and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. And, while Jayme specializes in grooming aggressive cats, out of the hundreds she’s handled she’s had to refuse service to only a handful.
Purrdy Paws Pet Grooming & Spa

After 2 years on her own, Jayme was able to expand the service to include a second van for mobile dog grooming. Among her “clients” are large dogs that the owner can’t lift and/or carry into a vehicle for transport to a groomer. Like the cat grooming van, the dog grooming van has everything the groomer needs to provide a complete grooming service.

Just a year later, Jayme and her team were ready for the grand opening of Purrdy Pets Spa at 732 Bank Street. The spa offers all the same services available from the mobile grooming vans.

What’s in it for you

In addition to regular specials like nail trimming packages, if you mention you saw this article on the Ottawa Paw Pantry blog, the Purrdy Grooming team will give you 10% off your first purchase or booking. And watch for the Purrdy Pet Grooming booth at Pet Expo in November, where they’ll offer nail trimming and lots of great pet care info.

Declawing Dangers

Jayme’s philosophy of caring includes a willingness to educate people regarding the dangers of declawing their cats. Here’s what she told us:

  • We have to remember that cats are carnivorous predators and the use of claws is essential to their nature.
  • Declawing is a serious and painful surgery – compared to neutering, which is day surgery, a declawed cat stays with the vet for a minimum of 3 or 4 days.
  • Anatomically, declawing is similar to a human having the ends of all the fingers of both hands removed at the first knuckle.
  • Removal of the claws alters a cat’s temperament… and not for the better. Declawed cats often become more aggressive and this is not what anyone is looking for in a companion animal.

So, to curb unwanted clawing behaviour, Jayme has adopted a more natural and humane therapy. She trims a cat’s claws and applies Soft Paws nail covers. The companion cat and it’s family are happier this way.

Ottawa Paw Pantry

As one of the Ottawa Paw Pantry’s first drop-off locations, Purrdy Paws provides a centralized location to share your support for our mission. Through collection of donations and potential events in the future, we know that this great connection will only get stronger. Thanks so much Jayme & team!

Paws 4 Mac

Few people know about the plight of hundreds of animals in Fort McMurray. Hundreds of pets have been separated from their families and are now in care. This includes, at last count, 65 of what are termed exotic pets (any animal that isn’t a dog or cat) like ball pythons, bearded dragons, etc.

When Jayme heard about the situation, she decided she could do something. She started planning a way to accept donations of new and lightly used leashes, collars, crates, and other pet paraphernalia as well as cash and cheques to send to a relief organization in Alberta. Paws4Mac was launched on May 28th and raised $450 on the first day. Everyone involved volunteers their time and resources so that 100% of what’s donated goes to helping lost and abandoned pets from Fort McMurray.

13329609_537238459817786_7669158358311514936_oPlans for the future

Jayme’s philosophy of care doesn’t stop with what she’s done so far – no way. She plans to start a training program for cat owners. Jayme is one of the first to realize that cats as companion animals have been neglected in the areas of grooming, handling and behaviour so she wants to offer cat families training in handling techniques that are safe for both cat and caregivers. And you can bet that she has more great ideas to improve cat and caregiver quality of life – just watch her.

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