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Ottawa Paw Pantry

The Ottawa Paw Pantry is the area’s first dedicated non-profit pet food resource and was established to help prevent the abandonment or surrender of animals when their families cannot afford to feed them.

When your pets have become extensions of your family, you want nothing but the best for them. Giving up a family pet because you can’t provide food is a very difficult experience for both the humans and the animal.

The Ottawa Paw Pantry provides temporary food assistance to qualifying low income pet owners who are currently unable to afford food for their pets and may be forced to give up their pets without food assistance.

We realize how much your pets mean to you.

Many families live paycheck to paycheck, have lost a job, are seniors on fixed incomes, are dealing with an illness or disability; This poses a challenge in caring for their pet.

More and more dogs and cats are being relinquished to local shelters and animal rescue due to the family’s inability to afford pet food and/or pet care for their beloved four-legged family members.

We rely on donations to keep this program going and we would like to thank those who have gotten involved for their generosity which allows these pets to stay safe at home and out of the shelters.

Donate today or learn more about how you can help.

Who is the Ottawa Paw Pantry?

With many volunteers, the Ottawa Paw Pantry is able to help over 80 pets in the Ottawa area and their families.

Laura Lamarche
Laura LamarcheFounder
Laura was nicknamed Elmira as a kid for her love of animals. Though she did like to love them and squeeze them and hug them all night, she also took to taking care of them. Despite being allergic to both cats and dogs, she begged her mom to volunteer at the Ottawa Humane Society as a cat volunteer, and over time, the allergies took a back seat.

Nowadays, Laura is a foster dog mom with Sit With Me Rescue and continues to volunteer with a number of organizations all furthering the betterment of animals and their families.