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Getting Help

The Ottawa Paw Pantry is a temporary pet food assistance program run entirely by volunteers aimed at providing help through difficult economic times. On some occasions, families with special circumstances may be considered. These special circumstances may be recent job loss, major illness in the family, unexpected major bills.

We also have a network of Ottawa-based dog and cat rescues who we work with closely to offer support, and when possible, we give them items such as beds, crates, litter boxes that we receive as donations.

We encourage you to read the “Help for Individuals” page to find out how to qualify. The process includes an applications form, and a phone call. We have the utmost respect for your privacy and promise not to disclose any personal information without your explicit written consent.

Rescues interested in becoming a rescue partner, we encourage you to read the “Help for Rescues” page. Here you will see an outline of our partner program. While our focus is on providing food to individuals, we will occasionally be able to offer food to rescues. There may be special cases where rescues have an emergent need, and that’s one of the things we can potentially help with. By being a Rescue Partner, you will also receive access to surplus donations, such as beds, collars/leashes, crates/cages.

At this time, we are only able to support the Ottawa area.

In your application form, you can list a preference, but unless you have a vet prescription for specific food and that prescription is emailed to us, we cannot guarantee that we can give you the food you request.

Please understand that all of the food that we have available is donated. We often do not have the same food from month to month. And we often do not have much of any particular kind of food, so even if you see one person in line ahead of you with a certain type of food, we may not be able to give that to you. If you are not happy with the food that we provide you, you are welcome to decline it and not take any food at all.


Donations are accepted by the public, but we also work with brand distributors to acquire some of our supply.
We are always looking to grow our pantry and would be happy to accept donations. Please visit our “Give Back” to find out more.

You can donate financially by visiting our online fundraiser! Help us reach out goal here: https://www.youcaring.com/OttawaPawPantry

We are currently working to gather a list of drop off sites around Ottawa. In the meantime, please email donate@ottawapawpantry.ca to set up a time to get the donation from you. Since the Pantry is not staffed regularly, we will need to coordinate with a volunteer who can meet you. Thanks for your patience and for donating!

If you would like to host your own food drive, contact us at donate@ottawapawpantry.ca to let us know about the details of your drive. We can make arrangements for someone to pick-up the donations from you if needed.

No – we just give out pet food. When we receive donations such as leashes, collars or beds, we have a network of rescues who are contacted to see if those are items they are in need of.
At this point, the Ottawa Paw Pantry cannot issue tax receipts. It is our goal for this to occur in the near future.