Get in on the first annual pet food drive!

The Ottawa Paw Pantry will be officially launching its Holiday Pet Food Drive: A Bowlful of Heart. This month long event in December will help us replenish supplies of pet food. Sustained entirely by donations, the Ottawa Paw Pantry provides a lifeline for almost 100 pets in times of need.

When finances are stretched, especially around the holidays, families can be forced to choose between feeding themselves or their pets. In this situation even greatly loved pets are often surrendered to shelters.  Although it is wonderful to provide donations to pet shelters and rescues, we want to help families before they have to make the choice to give up their pets.

Is your workplace looking for ideas for a holiday teambuilding? 

Consider hosting your own food drive for the Ottawa Paw Pantry! We can supply a decorated box and pickup any time it gets full and repeat. We also created some basic holiday tree ornaments you can download and print yourself.

Drop-off your donations at one of the participating locations.


Thank you to some supporters who got a head start!

We are looking for:

  • Dog or Cat Food (open bags accepted)
  • Dog or Cat Treats
  • Dog or Cat Toys
  • Dog or Cat Beds
  • Dog or Cat Accessories (jackets, leashes, collars)
  • Cat Litter