Happy International Cat Day!

The 8th of August is International Cat Day. We at the Paw Pantry want to celebrate Cat Day as we believe that cats can be a welcome addition to any family!

There are a number of reasons why cats make fantastic pets, but we’ve narrowed them down to our top ten.

10) They’re playful – cats can provide hours of entertainment. Who knew a string could be so fun? Plus – they’re pretty great at amusing themselves.





9) They’re hide and seek masters. They can contort themselves into the smallest of spaces and it will take you hours to find them.






8) They make great wake up calls. Whether it’s wailing at 6:30 in the morning, or pouncing on your head, you’ll always know when it’s time to get up.








7) They come potty trained. That’s right. No getting up at 2 am to let the kitten out, they already know how to use their litter box.








6) They get the simple things in life. Food, sleep and a box to play in. What more does a cat need?






5) They have confidence to spare. It doesn’t matter the distance or the height, cats are up for any kind of challenge.





4) They always know that they’re more important than whatever you’re working on. Which means, you always have a working buddy.





3) They’re great for your health! Studies show that having a cat can lower your blood pressure, plus chasing them around can keep you active. Their purring has also been shown to lower stress levels and provide relief when you’re feeling anxious.  






2) They’ll keep your feet firmly planted to the ground. Have a great day at work? Ego getting big? You’ll soon realize that to your cat  – you’re purely a servant…oh and their dish is empty, and the litter box needs cleaning.







1) Cats are pretty independent and self-sufficient, which makes them a very low key pet. On the flip side, when they decide to snuggle up with you or fall asleep on your lap, it’s the most amazing feeling. And the number one rule, when that happens? Don’t move.






Know of any other reasons why cats make fantastic pets? Comment below!  Don’t forget to help those cats in need by supporting the Ottawa Paw Pantry!