At the Ottawa Paw Pantry, we are all about pet appreciation because we recognize the importance of pets in our lives. They offer us unconditional love, becoming an extension of our family and we’d do anything to keep them healthy and safe!

In honour of Pet Appreciation Week and National Selfie Day, we asked Ottawa pet owners to send us a selfie with their pet and tell us why they appreciate and love them.

Here are some of our best submissions from Ottawa pet lovers:

AJ and Olivia

Olivia is the queen. Or at least she thinks so. My parents rescued Olivia 6 years ago from a breeder. Olivia, the pure bred standard poodle, was bred as a show dog but didn’t quite “sit right” so couldn’t show. She also couldn’t have puppies so the breeder no longer wanted her. My parents had her for several months but for a random assortment of reasons debated re-homing her again. My wife and I couldn’t let that happen. She came to live with us in our apartment and ruled there. We then bought a house and Olivia discovered one of her favourite pass times – sitting on the back deck patrolling the yard for squirrels. She’s 10 years old and can still run faster than any dog I’ve seen. Her diet is dainty just like her, only eating what she deems reasonable. She is very picky about what couch to sit on and always crosses her paws like a lady. She is sassy to her core and always gets into mischief just to prove she’s in charge. Being the diva she is, Olivia is selective in who she loves but she apparently loves us (most days anyway)!

Sarah and Harley

I adopted Harley December of last year and she has made me so happy every day since. When I come home, she’s always so excited to see me and insists that I pick her up immediately.

Alex and Murphy

When we rescued Murphy two and a half years ago we weren’t quite sure how this massive boisterous boy would fit in with our family. But soon enough his quirky and extremely loving personality won us over! Murphy loves to sing loudly to alternative rock, looks like a penguin when he sits, will eat anything and everything around him, and always intervenes when he thinks my husband and I are being too silly or rowdy, ie. dancing or play-fighting.  He also never leaves our side. (Disclaimer: he would not get in a selfie without rolling over for a belly rub, so I had to quickly climb under the table as I was eating my dinner – he’s always on standby at meal times in case we can’t finish our plates– to get this picture.)

Laura and Scully

Laura & Scully (adoptable)Laura Lamarche is the founder of the Paw Pantry

My husband and I have been fostering with Sit With Me for the last few years now, and Scully is our latest foster dog. As a foster mom, I have had the privilege of seeing Scully really come into her own from the time she came with us (which I should mention was only supposed to be for a week, back in October 2016). She is a tremendous cuddler and by far the best fetcher we’ve had. Always ready to make you happy, her tail almost never stops wagging. Unfortunately, Scully is not adoptable in Ontario, but we are hopeful that we’ll find her a pretty awesome family soon!

If you’ve ever considered adopting a pet, I highly recommend getting in touch with Sit With Me. They’re pretty great and have some ah-mah-zing dogs. Likewise, if you want a dog companion, but aren’t quite ready for the commitment of adoption, they are always looking for more foster families – there’s a particularly great need right now.