During normal operations, most of the food we distribute comes from donations. We collect donations at our drop-off locations around the city, and from our small business partners. We then sort the food based on primary protein source and expiry date.

Each month, we distribute food to our clients. We have community partner locations where our clients are able to pick up their food – in this case, we simply drop the food off to the partner, and they make sure it gets to the right person. Some clients receive the food delivered directly to their doorstep. All of our deliveries are done by volunteer drivers.

Changes to our Operations

As a result of COVID-19, we have had to make big changes to the way we operate.

First, we can no longer accept donated food. Most of our drop-off locations are closed or not allowing customers in their stores, and donated food passes through too many hands to be considered safe at this time.

Second, for the safety of our volunteers, we are no longer asking them to distribute the food or make deliveries. Instead, we are relying on some local pet stores and delivery services to distribute food. These businesses are better equipped to ensure the safety of their staff and clients.

We need help!

Did you notice the part where we said that we are no longer taking donated food? This means we are buying food for our clients. While we are working hard to minimize the cost, our expenses are increasing drastically!