Stacey’s kitty Dory

A new year brings with a new opportunity for recognition! This month’s volunteer of the month is Stacey!

Stacey has been a part of the Ottawa Paw Pantry team since July 2018. Shortly after she joined us, we found ourselves wondering how we had ever done it without her! Stacey is a Client Relations Coordinator, which means she is one of our primary means of staying connected with our clients and making sure that we are meeting their needs. When she joined our team she brought with her a keen eye for detail and a kind heart. Stacey never hesitates to ask questions, recommend proactive solutions, and advocate for her clients.

Always willing to go above and beyond, Stacey is continuously ready to help at a moment’s notice when the nonprofit world throws us a curveball. Within six months she has become an integral part of our organization and we are so thankful that of all the wonderful organizations there are to volunteer with, she chose to volunteer with US!

Compassionate and dedicated volunteers like Stacey are what makes the Ottawa Paw Pantry PAWsible.

Congratulations Stacey!

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