Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Ottawa Paw Pantry. While we appreciate all of our dedicated volunteers year-round, each month we recognize those who went above and beyond and are an inspiration to others. This month’s volunteer is Suzanne!

Suzanne plays a special role with the Ottawa Paw Pantry. You see, not only is she the founder’s mom, but she’s the official gofer for the Ottawa Paw Pantry. From doing sorts in the early days to picking up empties and donations and dropping off monthly portions, you might say she’s done it all!

We haven’t found a task yet that she hasn’t been ready for. Often armed with her sidekick and our Chief Smiling Officer Andie, the two of them make trips to the Ottawa Paw Pantry storage and make sure the task is always done.

Volunteers truly make our association successful, and versatile volunteers such as Suzanne embody what it means to be a Paw Pantry volunteer. For that, and many more reasons, Suzanne, you are our volunteer of the month! You are a true gem, and we wholeheartedly couldn’t do it without you.