Hi, everyone! My name is Olivia, I’m a Beagle who lives in Ottawa with my mommy and my best friends. There’s Cosmo, my best friend Diablo the cat, and those other two pesky cats who are mean to me sometimes. I’m writing to you to share my story, and to thank you for all your support.

My mommy tries really hard to take care of us the best way she can. I know she loves us a lot.  Sometimes she gets sad—I heard someone whisper once she is depressed. My mommy is unable to work because she doesn’t always feel very well. Sometimes I hear her cry, so I always snuggle up to her to make sure she’s okay.

Before Ottawa Paw pantry helped us, my bowl would be empty sometimes so mommy would give me and my furry family her own dinner so we wouldn’t go hungry. It would taste really good… until I got a tummy ache… but I’d never let mommy know! We all know she was just trying her best to make sure our bellies were full.

A few months ago mommy came home with a cart full of food and treats just for me and Cosmo and the cats! She told me some really nice people from Ottawa Paw Pantry are going to make sure we have food! Now mommy doesn’t need to give us her dinner, so we sit and eat dinner together. (She thinks I’m getting a little chunky—maybe it’s that big bag of dog treats from Ottawa Paw Pantry she thinks she’s hidden… but I’ve found them!)

Thank you for filling our bellies, Ottawa Paw Pantry. We feel a lot better now!

Thankfully full,

Olivia the Beagle & family

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