We riddled you earlier this week about something that weighs 16,000+ lbs and isn’t ashamed of it. Well now it’s time to share the secret.

We’re so excited about it, and we can’t hide it – literally! Our friends at Petcurean got in touch and offered us a donation we just could not refuse. We originally thought we were getting 300 or so bags, and we were THRILLED about that, but it turned out to be waaaay more! So let’s break it down:

  • 600 bags of dog food
  • 17,074 lbs (that’s 4 rhinoceroses)
  • 32,734.66 cups
  • approx. 6,546,932 pieces of kibble (give or take)
  • lots of filled furry bellies in the upcoming months!

It’s relationships like these that help us do what we do, and donations like these that help us fill the furry bellies in need. We are SO THANKFUL for this generous gift, and cannot say scream it loud enough – A special thanks to Jeff for helping make this happen!

We would encourage you to give Petcurean a like on their facebook page and share your thanks like we did!

Thank you is an understatement, but tail wags, kisses, and meows are harder to mail!