Guest blog by Katie Schnob, Copywriter/Community Manager, Acart Communications – Paw Pantry Partner

You might want to grab a treat with your coffee today — a dog treat that is, because it’s Take Your Pet to Work Day! Founded in 1999, this national event promotes pet adoption, helps raise money for non-profit organizations that are making a difference in the lives of animals, and celebrates the joys of owning a dog, cat, or other small pet.

I work in a pet-friendly advertising agency, so I have experienced firsthand how animals can uplift a person’s mood. And I’m not just speaking biasedly (though my family does own two adopted cats that I am madly obsessed with!); according to WebMD, petting a dog or cat can lower your blood pressure, release relaxation hormones, lower stress hormones, and even make you happier.

The health benefits make a lot of sense… how can you stay sad or stressed when you have a fur ball with puppy eyes and a big goofy smile looking back at you?!

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Take Your Pet to Work Day is also great for breaking the monotony of regular day-to-day work. This doesn’t mean your team needs to be distracted all day, but a few small breaks for some kitty or puppy love can boost team morale, and may actually increase productivity. Not to mention it’s so much fun to see your bosses and coworkers playing, smiling, and letting loose!

Whether you’re a pet owner or just love animals, participating in Take Your Pet to Work Day is the perfect way to celebrate our furry companions.

And don’t forget: you can extend your celebration by making a donation to non-profit organizations in your community, such as Ottawa Paw Pantry and the Ottawa Humane Society, to help feed, shelter, and/or provide aid for other animals in need in your community!

Happy Take Your Pet to Work Day, from all of us at Acart Communications!