What do we do?

The Ottawa Paw Pantry is a registered charity that provides pet food assistance to qualifying low-income pet owners in times of need.

We realize how much your pets mean to you. When your pet has become a member of your family, you want nothing but the best for them. Giving up a family pet because of financial hardship is a very difficult experience for both the humans and for the animals.

Many individuals live paycheck to paycheck, experience an unexpected job loss or illness, or live on a fixed income. The ability to afford pet food can be a challenge. Sadly, many cats and dogs are surrendered to local shelters or rescues in times of financial hardship, but we are here to help!

We rely 100% on community donations to keep our program going and we would like to sincerely thank our contributors and partners. It is because of you we can help keep these pets at home with their families.

We collect food donations, money, ‘empties’ (empty beer and liquor bottles), and Canadian Tire money to support our operations. Find out how you can help!

Who we are

We have several team leaders and many more volunteers to help this organization provide pet food to those in need. We have a leadership team covering each aspect of our organization from coordinating pet food deliveries to our fundraisers.

Learn more about the story of how the Ottawa Paw Pantry was founded by a group of friends in 2016.

We wouldn’t be able to run our organization without the support of our outstanding volunteers. They have a range of abilities from liaising with clients to inputting pet food data to posting events and photos on social media. Every month we honor one amazing volunteer whose dedication impresses us all. Read about some of our outstanding volunteers on this page.

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